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Do you take a house in any condition?
Just about! We prefer a house with a solid foundation, good roof and structure. We have been known to bulldoze down a house and start all over with just a good foundation, but that is very rare. We like to work with what is there and bring out the beauty in a home.
How long do I have to evaluate your cash offer?
We’d like to say take as long as you need. Property values can fluctuate rapidly in Florida depending on external factors. For the most part, you can take your time and just keep in touch with us. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. Please ask us all the questions you need to make a wise decision for you and your family.
I really don't like or trust computers. Do I have to sign online?
Nope, not at all. This is a convenient feature we offer to people who are savvy with the computer thing and already trust the online tools. As part of our services and at no additional cost to you, we utilize a mobile notary who will come to you to sign any documents we need, including your closing documents. We are flexible and move at your comfort level.
Do you really pay in cash?
I have actually jumped on a bed with tons of money on it, and that was fun. Before you have the same illusions, we pay in funds as good as cash! Whether a cashier’s check or EFT. What you do with it after that is up to you.